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Pain and Pediatric Palliative Care: An Advanced Chronic Pain Medicine Service in Pediatrics


Lorenzo and Valentina Lepri have decided to support a project on pain monitoring and management for children and adolescents who suffer from persistent and / or chronic pain due to biological causes and / or surgeries, which is aimed at guaranteeing the best possible quality of life to pediatric patients and their families.

The project foresees the launch of the Advanced Pain Medicine Service within the Pediatric Department of ​​the Milan Polyclinic – Clinica De Marchi, with a multidisciplinary focus on the study and management of chronic pain in the context of palliative care, with the objective of giving relief to children with prevalent diagnosis of incurability.

The Advanced Service, which includes 3 areas of action (chronic pain and pediatric palliative care, procedural pain and acute pain), is aimed in particular at pediatric patients:

– with complex pathologies;

– with chronic functional pain and social isolation;

– with incurable and / or terminal illnesses;

– with chronic respiratory insufficiencies.

The project includes, among other things, an integrated approach on: medical equipment (eg portable ultrasound systems with probe; polygraphs for home ventilation, technologies for telemedicine); humanisation of the environment (pictorial decoration and music therapy); inclusion of specialists (experts in narrative medicine and family psychology, physiotherapists, nutritionists and family support psychologists) and training of volunteers.

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